Event Types

Only CannaBUS.net members are allowed to participate in these events and/or board these buses.  Membership is free, and enrollment is built in to the reservation process for each tour.

Going Nowhere:  This tour is less of a tour, and more of a private space where our members can hang out and enjoy their marijuana.  BYOB.  The bus stays parked.  Thus the name.  However, the goal of this is to curate a rich cultural experience for our members, so certain events will feature live comedy, live music, close listenings of recorded music, film viewings, guided philosophical discussions, interviews with forward-thinking members of the community and more.

Blind Date: This tour is fun because all you do is sit back and let us show you a few spots that we think are great. We’ll hit a recreational dispensary or 4 and maybe some other industry highlights.

Build Your Own:  This is the one where you get to choose a few stops in order of preference, and we’ll take you to as many as we have time for.  Your group must reserve the entire bus.

VIP: Whenever we have free product, schwag, or other accouterments to include, we’ll offer a VIP ticket that comes with whatever prizes we have to offer.  Check out the details on the reservation page, to see what is included for each ride.

Field Trip:  We’ll head to a dispensary, then to one of several amazing Colorado destinations…on WEED!!!  The Denver Zoo, The Denver Aquarium, The Butterfly Pavilion, various short hikes and scenic mountain picnics, etc.  We are open to suggestions on this.

Bus to Show:  a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing intoxicated driving to and from high risk events.  If you’re looking for a ride to an evening event like a concert, you can reserve with our partners at bustoshow.org/calendar .  If the event you’re interested in is not on the calendar, you can contact them at reservations@bustoshow.org.  CannaBUS.net members receive a discount on BTS memberships, and BTS members receive discounts on CannaBUS.net memberships.  Just ask after you make your reservation for a day.

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